How does an artist capture the audience?


What is an artist? The dictionary defines an artist, as a person skilled in one of the fine arts. We all know to get skilled; it takes practice to get better at what we do. How do I capture an audience with my skilled talent? The way I try to do that is to stimulate the senses and emotions of the audience. 

As an artist, I want to make a statement in what I present to the viewer. A creative writer may use descriptive words that will show and not tell. Photographers will capture the moment that may inspire others to live each moment. A painter can bring life to a blank canvas. If I can capture most of the senses, if not all (taste, feel, see, hear, smell) and the emotions that may play on the feelings of the people that view my art; I feel I have accomplished what I intended. 

This is not a scientific study; it is just my thoughts. 

Richard Smith