A Jubilant Moment


Today my morning began early at the break of dawn.  With my camera slung over my shoulder, I walked into a gated grave yard community.

For peace of mind and tranquility, a walk through a cemetery is my start for the day.  I feel rejuvenated with my morning talk with God.

The light and joy of Mother nature comes through with birds chirping songs of reveille.  A red fox stops no more than 20 feet in front of me and stares at me; I stop, my heart beats faster not knowing what this little creature is going to do.   Finally, he makes the first move and darts into the woods.  At that moment I didn’t think of taking a picture.   In this grave yard, there are a few monuments scattered throughout the cemetery.  A statue of Jesus with a few of his disciples gave me great joy as the early morning rays of sun beamed down on this particular setting.  I wonder what lesson Jesus is telling them?  What a jubilant occasion it was to capture this moment.  “Joy cometh in the morning” (Psalm 30:5)


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A Dogs’ Apology

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My wife and I were dog sitting.  Our friend, in the military, got orders for a six-month deployment and we promised to watch Sebastian.   Sebastian is a six-year-old lhasa apso.

One morning my wife left Sebastian out in the yard to do his morning routine.  After 5 minutes, she opened the door and called for Sebastian.   No Sebastian, my wife was worried, thoughts came to her mind; how will I explain this to Sebastian’s master that he had run away.  She clapped her hands and kept calling his name.  Finally, his little white hair body appeared from the neighbors yard, his tail tucked between his legs and his little pug face bowed to the ground.

With one hand on her hip and the other hand pointing a finger at him.  My wife cried out to Sebastian “You better get in this house. Just what have got to say for yourself”?   Sebastian slowly lifted up his head, his big round black eyes looked at my wife.  At that point, she knew what Sebastian would say:

I am sorry about this morning.  I know you were very worried and upset.  I don’t know what happened to me.  The morning was clear and crisp.  I was so focused on the birds singing it just put me in a playful mood.  The air was finally fit to breathe.  I could smell things from a greater distance.   There was this scent filtering through the air that lifted me right off my feet.  I could feel myself being carried off to a far away place. I know you know that feeling. I have seen you focus on a TV show or read a book.  You don’t hear anything around you.  That was how it was with me.  Then I heard hands clapping and my name being called.  I looked around.  I was really scared nothing looked familiar.  I knew your voice.  I ran towards the sound then it stopped.  I didn’t know which way to turn.  I was so scared I pee’d on some pretty flowers.  Finally, I smelled something familiar and I followed the scent and it led me home.  I was so excited when I saw you, but I knew the tone in your voice I was in a lot of trouble.  I hope you will forgive me.  I know I will be punished and I deserve it.  Thank you for your love for me.

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Face in a Tree


Have you walked alone through the woods in the early dawn?  Birds chirping and squirrels skittering over the fallen leaves.  A light cloudy fog raises from the heat of nature’s compost.

Suddenly, everything is quiet.  The hairs on the back of your neck stand straight.  You quickly look right and left just knowing someone is watching.  The pace quickens, the heart beats faster.

I am not a believer in re-incarnation.  I took a few photos of what appears like a face protruding from tree trunks.  I wonder if these faces are of people that died and were given another life within a tree.  When you walk through the woods, you never know what watches over you.

Old manGRUMPY OLD MANds-9ds-6

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A bird takes a fish to the nest


I go to the river camera in hand, to photograph the ospreys.  I search for the hawks but none seen.  About two hours later six ospreys come to their favorite fishing hole. Now the survival of the fittest begins.

After taking some photos a thought came to mind.  Do ospreys have a vision that reveal where and when it finds the fish?  With its hypnotic trance-like yellow eyes it focuses with the intensity of a laser beam. 


The innocent fish below swims in search of edible aquatic life.  The osprey from above the waters surface plunges to the water feet first.  Its’ talons hit the fish like a bolt of lightning. 


Very few fish survive the bear like grasp of the osprey’s piercing talons.  With wings powerful enough to knock a dog off its feet the osprey lifts its catch out of the water taking it to the nest to feed the family.   The survivors are fish who swim deep enough to keep away from its flying predators.


Flight lesson for the next generation


I tried to imagine the fright of this young juvenile sparrow.  Its home is about 30 feet above the ground.

Birds in flight 1.jpg

To me, that is like looking down from an eight story building.  In this photo the parent shows the little one how easy it is to fly.  I hear the parent chirping, coaxing it to jump.  If that baby sparrow could talk, it may ask why couldn’t you build a nest on the ground.  After more persistence the parent nudged the little one out.  Its maiden flight began.  I guess this is like sink or swim; but in this case it is fly or fall.

These are a few of the better photos I took for this series.

Birds in flight 1-2.jpgBirds in flight 1-3.jpg

While shooting this, I thought about life and what I read in the Bible.  If God is concerned about the tiny sparrow, how much greater must His concern be for man, who is immeasurably greater in value than the sparrow!

Then why do we worry?  Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet my Father feeds them.  I know I am much more valuable than they are.


Stroll down memory lane

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Stroll down memory lane

Back in the late 50’s a dance craze called the stroll which added a new style of dance for the teenagers.  The name of the song is The Stroll, written by Clyde Otis and Nancy Lee.

The stroll was somewhat like today’s line dance.  In the dance, two lines of dancers, men on one side women on the other face each other, moving in place with the music. Each pair of the couples step out and does a more elaborate dance up and down between the rows of dancers.  When it was me and my girl friends’ turn to stroll, I’d strut down the line like I was the rooster in charge.

The Stroll.jpg

The clothes we wore as we strolled to that slow rock’n’roll dance was the latest fashion in that decade the girls wore full skirts and stiff petti coats, or a super slim skirt and sweater with bows an bobby sox;  or tight fitting pedal pushers or capri pants.  I wore slim fitting dungarees with the cuffs rolled up to my ankle, shirt with the collar up in the back or some times I’d wear a tee shirt tucked into my dungarees. My shoes were penny loafers. My hair was slicked back and laid high on my head.

I know some of you reading this wasn’t born yet in the late 50’s.  As a teen at that time the stroll was the dance craze in the United States. I’m not sure how popular the stroll was in other countries at that time.

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Remember when you said “I’d never forgive that person”. Then you’d sit there with a hot coffee, you’re steaming over the incident. With unsteady hands you grip the cup and lift it to your lips cautiously sipping the bitter taste. The smell of the coffee permeates the room as your mind replays the issue. As you gently set the cup to the table, you begin to take control.


The title of this post is C.O.F.F.E.E. Its acronym is:

Christ Offers Forgiveness for Everyone Everywhere

Un-forgiveness is like a stage four cancer, it will continue to eat and tear at you until you have no life. Un-forgiveness is a sin. The only cure for un-forgiveness is to forgive and ask the Lord to cleanse you of the sin.
He knows you won’t forget; but He knows you can forgive. Then a miracle happens, you begin to have joy, pleasure and peace of mind.

If you are not a believer, this is a quote by T.D. Jakes:
“I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t then live my life as if there isn’t and die to find out there is.”

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Hugh’s Weekly Challenge: Hats

Hughs Weekly Photo Challenge

Bonnets of straw were commonly worn outdoors by English women of all social ranks throughout the 18th century. Often decorated with artificial flowers and ribbons, these hats were worn on top of the ever-present white cap and were considered appropriate for all seasons of the year.hats.jpg

Below is the ever-present white cap worn as the everyday head cover during the 18th century in Colonial Williamsburg, VA.  This is a picture of an interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg.

Colonial Time.jpg

These are photos I took at Colonial Williamsburg, VA

Daily Post; Abandoned



A house is a shell for the home inside, and the home is people within.  Like the physical body is the temple for the Holy Spirt, and the heart is the soul that dwells within. What will make a home become a house, or what makes the body empty of spirit?  Abandonment is sad either materialistic or spiritually.  This painting I did is an abandoned house being strangled and pulled back to its elements.  Can this house be turned back to a home?  What will it take to put the soul back into the body and the Holy Spirit refilled?

House or Home.jpg


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Daily Prompt Stairway; Man, Nature, Life

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Man made stairways go up, down, and around and in the end they crumble down.

Natures staiways are mountains and valleys formed from the ground and in the end they will still be around.

Lifes’ stairways are filled with ups, downs, mountains, valleys, and at life’s end none will be around.