Daily Prompt Refresh; Bird Play

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There are many ways for people to refresh.  Some like going to the beach to feel the sprays of the water and lay on the beach to enjoy the suns’ rays.  Others like to surf the waves or enjoy the massaging therapy of the water.

Have you wondered how the ducks like to refresh?  These cormorants enjoy to slide on the surface of the water for a splashing cool down.  I know we have learned much from God’s creatures.  Could it be, we applied the ducks’ technique of surfing to surf boarding?

This particular duck is a double-breasted cormorant. It measures 30-35″. It feeds on fish, snakes and other reptiles. They swallow the fish head first. They do it like that so it is not easy for the fish to escape. I am glad you enjoy the photo. I photographed these birds off the coast of Virginia on the James River.

commorants April 05, 2014.jpgWhat if the ducks learned to surf board from humans.?

comorant surfijng.jpgI thought you may enjoy and have a little chuckle.  Take time and enjoy God’s creation.

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