Stroll down memory lane

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Stroll down memory lane

Back in the late 50’s a dance craze called the stroll which added a new style of dance for the teenagers.  The name of the song is The Stroll, written by Clyde Otis and Nancy Lee.

The stroll was somewhat like today’s line dance.  In the dance, two lines of dancers, men on one side women on the other face each other, moving in place with the music. Each pair of the couples step out and does a more elaborate dance up and down between the rows of dancers.  When it was me and my girl friends’ turn to stroll, I’d strut down the line like I was the rooster in charge.

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The clothes we wore as we strolled to that slow rock’n’roll dance was the latest fashion in that decade the girls wore full skirts and stiff petti coats, or a super slim skirt and sweater with bows an bobby sox;  or tight fitting pedal pushers or capri pants.  I wore slim fitting dungarees with the cuffs rolled up to my ankle, shirt with the collar up in the back or some times I’d wear a tee shirt tucked into my dungarees. My shoes were penny loafers. My hair was slicked back and laid high on my head.

I know some of you reading this wasn’t born yet in the late 50’s.  As a teen at that time the stroll was the dance craze in the United States. I’m not sure how popular the stroll was in other countries at that time.

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Daily Post; a shelf of memories and objects

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The things on the shelf;

A shelf will hold objects that will show a story.  What do the things on your shelf say about you?  Maybe that rigid piece of material holds pieces of your past.  A few pictures of friends from a school graduation you haven’t seen for many years.   “Friends for ever” many years later dust covers the frames, the pictures start to fade.  If you know the address of those friends, maybe it’s time to send those friends a handwritten note.  Does that shelf hold your trophies and objects?  A trophy for first place.  The joy and excitement at that moment lessen with time.  Later the pride begins to humble.  Is it time to move on and take the trophies off the shelf?  Some objects are things to indicate your hobbies or career are now dust collectors.

What does your shelf hold?