A Time for Joy


After a scorching summer, today is a blessing. The heavy over-cast clouded sky sprayed a light mist throughout the day.  I stepped outside, and a chill hit me like you’d feel when you first jump in the water.  As I walked to the river, I became more aware of my surroundings.

Squirrels noisily scampered over the fallen leaves to search out the fallen acorns.  A crisp autumn day displayed its colors like an artist’s palette of reds, yellows oranges, and browns.  Leaves of oak, maple, and elm laid among the musty rich soil of last year’s decaying leaves.  The once vibrant green leaves still cling to the limbs, are now withered and spotted with age.

I inhaled deeply and smelled the smoke of burning cedar from the chimney of a nearby house.  A fishy scent permeated the air as I came closer to the water.  Like steam from a boiling teapot, cloudy vapors hovered on the waters’ surface.  Drops of rain pelted the water like bait fish jumping in and out of the water.

In the distance, I heard fog horns bellow out their low blaring signal.  Out from the waters cloudy vapor I could see the silhouette of a crab boat.  As it got closer, crab baskets stacked 4 high seem to overflow the boat’s tiny deck.  The boat cut a deep wake making its way to the pier to off load its daily catch of the day.

In these days of technology and fast paced time, we no longer take in the beauty of nature and hear the sounds of joy.   Although the day was dismal and dreary, I found happiness and pleasure in capturing the various senses of my surroundings.

Daily Prompt: Earth


I am one of many thousands that believe that all the universes and our little planet earth was created by God.  I know I was put here on earth to be a servant to God.  One of my jobs is to provide a well kept planet.  I am thankful my little area of earth is filled with an abundance of healthy colorful trees, mountains and plants.  The air and water meets the standard healthy grade as per our Government.

It saddens me to see people in other countries wear masks to protect their lungs from the polluted air.  The water not safe to drink due to high levels of poisonous chemicals.  Plants are tainted with harmful substances that is unfit for human consumption.  Animals dying by poachers in order to provide for a sinful need.  Depletion of fish due to illegal means of catching.

If I were to see God now, I think I’d see tears of sorrow and disappointment as he looks out over earth.  A planet he created with love for our pleasure, contentment and unselfish needs.  This is not the first time he has seen greed take the place of his blessings.  All He ever wanted from us is to worship, love, obey, be righteous and give Him all the thanks and glory everyday, a simple request.  How easy it is for greed to devour our earth.

Yellow Butterfly-1.jpg

Photo: by 1kayaker.wordpress (Richard Smith)

We must not be careless as we fullfill this charge.  Like the creator, we should care for the earth responsibly and lovingly.