Carolina Wren: Bird

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The first week of Spring the air is crisp and cool with a nip of early morning frost.  Buds erupt with yellowish green shoots, the ground opens to show spikes of green leaves, the birds shrill chirps and tweets bring life from the still quiet of the night.

With my camera and tripod, I follow a deer path that leads me to a sunlit patch to photograph my little piece of paradise.  I hear the song of the Carolina Wren.  This is South Carolina’s state bird a small bird, with a loud voice, that fills the woods with its high volume of songs.


Although its name is Carolina Wren, it has been wintering farther and father north.  It covers most of the East Coast and inland.  It’s interesting to watch as it forages through the forest ground its tail will point down and when it sings the tail points up.

I spotted this Carolina Wren camouflaged against the fallen, tan, reddish, and yellow leaves. Its distinctive long, slender and down curved bill scatters the leaves like a toss salad in search of spiders, thousand legers, and beetles.

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