How my prayer was answered

My friend and I volunteer to paint murals on the walls through out hallways of the Veterans Administration hospital.  The hallways were painted an institutional drab tan. Now, with painted murals, it brings life, joy, and contentment for the patients, staff and visitors as they pass through the halls.

One particular morning, I asked God for His blessing on a mural my friend and I were to paint.  I prayed for direction, help and assistance to paint this mural.

Unlike my friend who is a professional artist, I am a novice painter.  As like most novices we don’t see our mistakes and faults as well as others see them.  Throughout the painting, my friend Stan found fault.  He’d say your lines are not smooth, you need more value, use more water, or you’re holding your brush wrong.  This was one of those days, he was not himself.  I was ready to give it up and hand the brush over to him telling him, “if you can do it better, then you do it.”  But I didn’t.

I just stood aside and watched him paint.  Inside me, I pouted and I started to put myself down.  I was thinking I’ll never be a good artist.

When I got home, I realized that Satan was telling me all those negative things.  But, God answered my prayer from this morning.  I asked Him for direction, help and to assist me.  He did it through my friend Stan who told me my problems and showed me how fix them.

It was then I realized God was there the whole time as I painted.  I seemed to have given up not only in myself, but in my faith, trust and belief.

God was there the whole time.  My lesson is to focus on God not on myself.  I pray this story may help others.

Below are a few murals we painted at the VA hospital


Some things we had to paint around





17 thoughts on “How my prayer was answered

  1. I think we always tell others to follow their dreams and not to be too critical and yet often we don’t follow our dreams and over criticise our own work. My artisitic ability is limited to stick figures…so I think your murals are wonderful.

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  2. What a wonderful project! the paintings are beautiful, but I just love what they must do to otherwise clinical (and to me depressing) walls. Our hospitals over here sure could use some of theme. How about coming over with your brushes?!!

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  3. Painting murals on an industrial colored wall. Brings a different mental state of mind to all who pass through the hall ways. The people are more pleasant and happy. Thank you for taking time to leave me a comment


  4. It was then I realized God was there the whole time as I painted. I seemed to have given up not only in myself, but in my faith, trust and belief.

    God was there the whole time. My lesson is to focus on God not on myself. I pray this story may help others. This is so true, today is 3-26-16- I am beggggggggiiiiiinnnnng GOD to show me the direction….I believe you just gave me the faith and hope I needed to see the light HAPPY EASTER and thanks for your light in your message….Jackie

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  5. Those are beautiful, but yes, I don’t take excessive criticism well at all myself. I am wondering why he would have you help if he didn’t think you were up to the challenge. Unless you were just taking his directions as criticism. That can happen. As an artist myself, I never thought I would do well in a group project such as this for the same reason. I would probably want to criticize and I wouldn’t take others directions depending on if I agreed or not. God bless!

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  6. I read your bio and loved the ending — about looking and recording nature before it is gone. What a sobering, and true, thought! Thanks for stopping by The Ruminant Scribe and for liking some of the articles. I truly appreciate your taking the time to visit the blog. Blessings to you, and keep looking to the Lord as he guides your paintbrush and life in general.


  7. Indeed now the patients can ease a bit looking at the landscapes and the scenes. I really support this idea to make hospitals more friendly-looking to the people who suffer. That helps them to recover. And thank you very much for following my blog 🙂

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