My dog is a friend and companion




During my seven decades plus, I had to see two of my pets pass on.  I said “I can’t do this again”. But I lied to myself. At my elderly age I still wanted a dog.  A dog that would out live me. I figured out my average life span and looked for a dog whose dog life would be a little longer than mine. I took in all factors other than accidental death. Thirteen years ago I got a toy poodle pup. I was still frisky and active, as was he. We have grown old together. I relate to his aching muscles, sore joints and frequent naps. We no longer take those youthful long playful walks.  Our stride is short and somewhat staggering. Now we slowly creep through life. I lost a few teeth as he also, I have sagging skin, his no longer has that youthful tone. My hair is grey as his once jet black is now a dull grey. Each day he weakens.  I feel I may see my friend and companion go before me. If so, its been an elderly pleasure to age together.



7 thoughts on “My dog is a friend and companion

  1. A dog truly is man’s best friend. When life is down, that soft head that rubs your hand or that gentle lick of the tongue or that inquisitive caring face & eyes can melt your soul and make you feel loved. May you both have many, many more happy days together, Richard. Take care of you and him!


  2. They are great listeners. When I write a poem or article, I will read it out loud to my dog. His tail wags with excitement, as though he has given me his approval. There are times he tilts his head, makes eye contact with me as if to say is that all.

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