An Elderly Healthy Exercise


Since I am in the elderly age of life, I began to exercise between 20 to 30 minutes a day.  So early afternoon I start my power exercise plan for better muscle growth, boost memory and cognitive skills.  I set the alarm on my smart phone to signal me when my 30 minutes are up.

In my room I lay on a flat surface, turn on some music and start my super power nap.  I heard young people use an incline machine for a power work out; some days I use a recliner for a semi power nap. I believe it is good to switch back and forth.  It helps blood circulation.

After 30 minutes I felt I had a good workout.  When I go into an upright position, my muscles are stiff, and with each step I feel some soreness in my joints.   In my younger days after I’d jog, bike and work out, I felt the aches and pains but it was temporary. The only difference now are my muscles and joints ache all the time.  My memory boost and cognitive skills are better as long I keep the same routine, take notes and place things in the same location each time.  After a power exercise nap, I am ready to relax in a nice soft chair with a good book.

How does your exercise plan benefit you?


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