Face in a Tree


Have you walked alone through the woods in the early dawn?  Birds chirping and squirrels skittering over the fallen leaves.  A light cloudy fog raises from the heat of nature’s compost.

Suddenly, everything is quiet.  The hairs on the back of your neck stand straight.  You quickly look right and left just knowing someone is watching.  The pace quickens, the heart beats faster.

I am not a believer in re-incarnation.  I took a few photos of what appears like a face protruding from tree trunks.  I wonder if these faces are of people that died and were given another life within a tree.  When you walk through the woods, you never know what watches over you.

Old manGRUMPY OLD MANds-9ds-6

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13 thoughts on “Face in a Tree

  1. I see faces like this all the time and in various objects. It causing similar enchanting thoughts within me as well. 🙂


  2. I’ve seen faces in the trees while Soul Strolling …… The first few times I was caught off guard and it did make me jump and quicken my heartbeat up a notch or two…now I look forward to seeing them….😌


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