A Storm’s Kindness

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My wife and I walked out on the back porch in midst of a bright, clear morning.  There was a little wind, but we could see the results of the thunderstorm.

In the back yard, patches of grass tips peaked above the water that flooded most of the yard.  Through out the yard laid twigs and branches.  Puffs of wind pushed the fallen leaves on to spots of dry land.

Natures’ symphony was at its best.  Cardinals, wrens, and sparrows chirped their sounds of various notes of their musical scales.  Seeds, nats and worms were of abundance for our feathery friends.  These little birds playfully dove, swooped and skittered to catch their cornucopia of food.

I said to my wife, “I am sure glad we were not outdoors through the storm.”  We walked down the porch stairs.  The soggy ground swished under our feet; it was like walking on a wet sponge.  The muddy water glistened like shaking Jell-O.  The sun light was getting brighter and stronger.

I took a deep breath and filled my lungs with the clean fresh air, and it felt good.  Storms seem to help clean, dust, and brighten Gods’ garden.  I guess it is His way of house cleaning.

By R Smith